Thursday, June 11, 2009

PUFF the Mother of All Fun DoTA Heroes

Forget about Astral Trekker I mentioned before. Behold, PUFF the Magic Dragon:

Puff the Magic Dragon
Fun Tavern CONCEPT

Wow, most of the heroes I experimented are from Fun Tavern CONCEPT. This is also a fun hero which I accidentally stumbled upon because Chicky wanted to see a dragon. After playing 3 games using Puff, I can now officially declared retirement from this map Dota Allstars v6.59 AI r.AWESOME without regret.

I disable the right lane since I'm solo-ing against 5 AI heroes. Once the game begins, press ENTER > type -nb > press ENTER again.

Below are the stats for Puff the Magic Dragon. Puff initially a Green Dragon. Add the first skill on Dragon Roar to transform into ice dragon. There are Undead, Fire, Ice, Lightning and Black Dragon at random so keep selecting until Ice Dragon appears. Stay in base to max out mana pool.

Why Ice Dragon?
  • Attack: Frost Nova (passive skill) --> deadly
  • Attack: Slow (passive skill) --> AOE: area of effect
  • Able to stack with other orb effect (already ban in dota law)
To be brief, after the first skill added on Dragon Roar, the following skills are added on both Dragon Hide and Dragon Breath respectively and remaining skills on Stats. Forget about its' level 6 ultimate Dragon Magic.

Puff Stats

The 5 Scourges AI Heroes

Sometimes AI can come up with random stupid-stupid heroes, but for this game there is a fair combination of melee, agi and int heroes for Puff to wipe out. Puff started with 4015 gold to spend in which I bought helm of the dominator, stout shield and vitality booster. With 765 gold remaining, I waited out, farm on scourges to purchase ring of health (875 gold) to make vanguard.


I took the left lane whereby Magnataur, Lone Druid and Faerie Dragon awaits. I maimed Lone Druid's spirit bear to collect a cool 100 gold. Then I head for first blood, first double kill (Lone Druid and Faerie Dragon) at level 5 which kicks my experience to 1/3 of level 6. Muahaha money money money...

First Blood First Double Kill

However, I got carried away with a couple more hero killing and almost took down a tower when I got ambushed and DIED. It was a perfect strategy to take me down.

Map review

While happily farming, contemplating the idea of taking down the first tower so soon (Puff at level 8) and collect Faerie Dragon's pre-corpse on the way, I didn't realize the heroes in the middle lane are missing.

A good death

Once I respawn, I totally wipe out the middle lane heroes and purchased another vanguard. At level 10 in my inventory:
  • Helm of the Dominator
  • 2 Vanguards
  • Boot of Speed
At this stage I slowly wipe out whenever heroes appear:

Then there's more:

Alright... There's just too many screen to capture so I'll just skip those. The funniest part was slaying Roshan (the most powerful neutral creep in DoTA). I alternate using different dragon (Dragon Roar skill):

Roshan Demise

Roshan kept running away from me. I soon realized after defeating him 3 times, he will eventually drop this item:


It's just too cute:

Haha. I couldn't be bothered with Aegis of the Immortal. There are several lying around Roshan death bed. But I kept collecting the cheese until I got like 3-4. Basically I kept farming on heroes until I get to purchase my ultimate desire:


Sweet sweet sweet. Then this is actually quite funny because my illusions (got it from the rune by the river) actually killed two heroes:

Apparently it happened too fast I didn't get to see it. I noticed it from the screen description as you can see in the mini map I was closing in the middle lane:

Mini map


Scourge Fountain Demise

Hahahahhahahahahahahahahaha... Sweet.
Later I just let Puff guard the Scourge base and went out for lunch and some shopping. By the time I came back, put the boys to sleep and get myself ready for bed, it was already after midnight. Sigh~

Puff the Sentry

Below is the last Godlike item I purchased out of boredom. Too much gold until I just don't know what to spend. I continued farming on the heroes until Z-monster started calling.
Final Godlike Item

End Game Summary

Phew... So you see, with Puff the Magic Dragon being as strong and mightily powerful as he is, there is no more hope in playing Godlike heroes. He IS the mother of ALL GODLIKE HEROES!

My next game would be Left for Dead. I'm still working on the LAN settings to enable multiplayer. Nothing seem to work with the poor internet connection.

note: The P1 WiMAX technician did come over yesterday (it was half-expected since the P1 forum in the net rated: poor service).

At first, he tested our modem and connection --> it didn't work (thank god, sometimes it's odd that it only works when those people around but failed again when we uses it).

The current setting uses a dynamic IP so he changed to static IP --> it didn't work. Upload and download rate got problem. Ping halfway suddenly got disconnected.

He brought his own modem, still no improvement (thank god again, afraid their modem is special and different from consumer own). He called back to check the base station.

Surprisingly enough, the distance from our house to the base station is less than 50m.

After over an hour, finally he said he'll head to the base station for checkup. He also mentioned a few customer having this problem but we are the only one in this area.


He said he will escalate the problem for us and to hear from him within 3 working days. Bla bla bla... I'm going to end P1 W1MAX subscription!


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